Marianne Faguy

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Artist Statement

    Human nature has always intrigued me.  The relationships we develop with the people and the environment around us shape our lives and our personalities.  Whether we chose the busy and sometime anonymous life of a big city or the more quiet life of a small village, our surroundings and the people we meet will slowly become part of who we are.  On the other hand, we all have the ability to shape part of our own environment.  Curiously though this is not always in the best interest of either our environment or us.  Nature and modern ways of life often seem to be simply incompatible.  Yet, nature has often been used as an icon for this large country and we hold it dear.  This paradox between our ideals and our everyday life is quite intriguing.  My work is therefore inspried by these reflections on our society, our environment and their mutual impact.

    The atmosphere in my works is slightly ambiguous and leave place to discussion on these opposing ideas.  The works on paper look strangely like miniature illustrations.  Some are humorous, others are more dramatic or melancholic, but all share a certain narrative quality.  They depict the relationship between anonymous characters and their environment: a degrading environment, from which their are more and more distant and  which they would like to control or restore.  On the other hand, paintings and photographs present vast expanses of space at the limits of abstraction.  Figurative elements easily recognizable such as buildings, trees, roads and shilouettes inhabit them, but are to simplified to be associated to specific places or objects.  At first sight, they are often pleasant images, but as we discover the details, a certain strangeness emanates, a worrying calm, a troubling and often nearly apocalyptique ambiance prevails.  Is it a caricature of our society, the image of our helplessness, of our future or of melancolic memories?  Yours to decide.

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